Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday November 17

Watched The Spy Who Loved Me and From Russia With Love, it never gets old, no matter how many times I have watched them both.

There were good quality Bose headsets to use during the flight. The cabin crew were attentive throughout the night and asked anyone that was awake, if they wanted anything to eat or drink. Very unusual for any US airlines these days.

Breakfast was a choice of vegetarian and non veg. I had the cheese omelette, which was quite good but the accompanying sausages etc were not.

The flight landed at. 6:00 PM, not bad considering the 60 min delay in leaving Chicago. Temperature in Delhi at the time of landing + 27C/81F.

Jasmindar Aurora from Compass, our travel agents came to meet us to take us Hotel Visaya, on the way we stopped to refill our Tata/Docomo SIM and were told that it cannot be done. Ended up by calling my niece in Calcutta to call in a refill I found it funny that Tata can own Jaguar and Range Rover but doesn't sell SIMs in the capital city?

Checked in at Hotel Visaya room # 202, and was briefed about the itinerary and the details of the next day's events. I got a silk scarf and Sudip a good luck snow fall.The hotel had excellent WiFi in all the rooms and the price was very reasonable - 100 Re for one hour of use. There was a 6 hour rate as well but since we were leaving early the next morning, I didn't pay attention to the rate.

The lobby decoration was very nice and quite unique.

Freshened and went to dinner at the hotel. I had the lamb biriyani and Sudip the bhuna ghost.

Food - C
Service - B+
Price - high

The room was nice and large but unfortunately being in the front facing the road, we were subject to constant traffic noise specially trucks with their air horns, all through the night and I had a hard time sleeping.

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