Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday November 16

Got up bright and early, well at least early to finish packing and leave by 9:30 AM

Sanjit stopped in around 9:00 am to switch vehicles and wish us bon voyage, in hindsight we should have asked him to take us to the bus stop.

Left home at 9:30 am to take 10:10 bus to O'Hare. At the depot found out that the Acura right front tire was flat, Sudip went to take care of that and we missed that bus.

Took the 11:00 bus and arrived at 12:30 pm. Check in was smooth, and we were able to get upgraded to Business Class.

Enjoyed toasted panini sandwich and a glass of pinot grigio at the Admirals Lounge, however I missed having my staple of Chicago Dog.

AA 0292 Chicago to New Delhi. = 7477 miles
Aircraft 777-ER, seats 13e and 13g.
Departure. 4:35 pm, scheduled 3:50 pm.

The plane was completely full the captain announced that the weight calculations for take off were being verified causing the delay in departure.

Temperature in Chicago at the time of departure +41F
For dinner we wanted a signature fish preparation that caused some fracases due to the limited number available, we were eventually able to both get the item.

The flight was relatively smooth with patches of mild turbulence.

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