Saturday, December 3, 2011

Friday November 25 - Saturday December 3.

Friday November 25
Rang Arang - sari shopping
Lunch at South City Mall Mainland China.

Ran into a glass door at a shoe store and got a large bump on my forehead, sending the store personnel in a tizzy all the while Sudip pretended he didn't know me.

Got a very nice pair of high heeled sandals as long as I was there.

Sent Naseem to pick up Kaku from the airport. It is so wonderful that he is coming over to visit.
Jethima's House - huge political rally was going on in front of the house and it was very difficult to hear each other over the ruckus.

Went to Boro Kakima's house with Shakti - Minu my aunt (she and I are the same age) was there, a very nice surprise.
Cauliflower samosas cooked by Purnima, a special treat, then decided to skip dinner.

Saturday November 26
Lunch with Kaku at Zaranj
Bashi Pishi's house with Kaku

Sunday November 27
Lokkhu Pishi's House, was nice talking Androids with my nephew.
18/1 Fern Road
Shibpur, visiting with Chhobi Pishi and family. She had promised us a simple dinner and in reality it was an eleven course meal with three types of fish and one meat. We aren't complaining, everything was home cooked and fabulous, and most were Sudip's favorites. Sudip forgot his camera bag on the way back and realized it only after Mala, my cousin called. We turned around fortunately we had only travelled for around 10-15 mins.

November 28
Baruipur for the day - lots of good food and visiting. Mantu Kaka was there as well.

Tuesday November 29
Visited Dipti Pishi with Kaku and then went to lunch at Marco Polo. There was a 24 hour curfew on liquor sale at public places due to the elections tomorrow which was disappointing for Kaku since he wanted a beer.
Dinner at Mamata's house was excellent as always.

Wednesday November 30
Visited Shobha Pishi at Tutu's house
Went to Marco Polo with my cousins for dinner - a group of 20.

Thursday December 30
Visited and had lunch with Mohua's parents. It was a very good visit. Mohua's mother cooks very well and all the dishes Sudip loves.
Went to Oh Calcutta with Sudip's cousins - a group of 7.

Friday December 2
Last minute errands/shopping and packing.
Dinner at Mithu's House.
More Packing.
Saturday December 3
Checked out at 11:00 am and went to Mithu's.
Had a light lunch and left for the airport.

Arrived at the airport 3:30 pm Jet Airways 9W913 to Delhi - 737 - 700.

Flight took off at 5:50 pm (schd 5:35) Snacks and coffee or tea enroute.

Arrival 6:00 pm.Very long walk to AA departure gate.
AA 293. Started secondary security check and boarding at 11:15 pm.

We got the seats in the exit row and had lots of leg space.

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